Dr. Cheryl Aubie is a clinical psychologist and has been registered with the Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology since 2007. She completed her Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in clinical psychology at the University of Windsor. She came to Halifax in 2005 to complete her predoctoral residency at the QEII Health Sciences Centre where she focused on mental health and health psychology. She has been formally trained in several psychotherapeutic modalities including, emotion focused therapy, emotion focused family therapy, couples therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy and motivational interviewing. Dr. Aubie provides services to adults, couples and parents struggling with a mental health concern in their child (of any age, including adults). Her approach is collaborative and focused on emotional experiences and coping with life’s most difficult challenges. 

She worked at the QEII Eating Disorder Clinic and specializes in working with adults with eating problems from 2006-2018. She is an Assistant Professor in the Dalhousie University Department of Psychiatry and a Clinical Associate in the Dalhousie University Department of Psychology.

Dr. Aubie provides ongoing supervision and training for mental health professionals learning and expanding their skills in working with emotion in therapy.

Dr. Aubie can be reached at cheryl@wavelengthpsychotherapy.ca or 902-800-0078.


Dr. Dayna Lee-Baggley (formerly Dr. Dayna Sherry) obtained her MA and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of British Columbia. Dr. Lee-Baggley (Registration #R0598) provides individual, couples, and family therapy at Wavelength Psychotherapy. Currently she is the only certified psychologist in Nova Scotia in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples, an empirically supported treatment designed to reduce conflict and increase intimacy between couples (www.iceeft.com). She also provides treatment for adults for a variety of problems including anxiety, depression, pain, and interpersonal problems. She has expertise in obesity, behaviour change, and managing chronic conditions. She is the vice-chair of Halifax chapter of the Canadian Obesity Network.

Dr. Lee-Baggley is committed to evidence-based therapeutic approaches, including cognitive-behavioural (CBT), motivational, and mindfulness orientations. In particular, Dr. Lee-Baggley provides therapy, training, workshops, and supervision in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and is the president of the Atlantic Canada chapter of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science.

Dr. Dayna Lee-Baggley also works as a Clinical Health Psychologist at a teaching hospital in Halifax. She works with individuals with chronic and life-threatening medical conditions. She is also a core member of the Behaviour Change Institute, where she provides training to healthcare providers on behaviour change counselling skills and workshops on professional resiliency. She provides individual supervision, group supervision, and workshops on behaviour change, ACT and EFT.

Dr. Dayna Lee-Baggley has an active research program on behavior change, health, obesity, and ACT with over 35 peer-reviewed publications and 110 scholarly presentations.

Dr. Lee-Baggley can be reached a drleebaggley@gmail.com or 902-800-0018.


Jennifer Denney-Hazel is a clinical psychologist who works with children and adolescents. Jennifer graduated from Acadia  University with a Masters of Sciences in Clinical Psychology in 2005. Jennifer has worked in the public sector as a member of a rural multidisciplinary outpatient mental health clinic and in a private pediatric psychology practice. Jennifer enjoys working closely with schools and other health professionals and believes in collaborative practice. At Wavelength, Jennifer provides therapy to children, adolescents and their families for a variety of issues including, but not limited to, anxiety, depression, parenting, attention and behavioural issues. In therapy, Jennifer works primarily from a cognitive behavioural framework and uses research based and empirically supported treatments. 

Jennifer can be reached at jennifer@wavelengthpsychotherapy.ca or by calling 902-800-0877.


Dr. Jackie Huberman completed her MSc and PhD in Clinical Psychology at Queen’s University. She completed her predoctoral residency in Halifax with the Nova Scotia Health Authority. Dr. Huberman provides individual and couples therapy at Wavelength Psychotherapy. She works with adults with a range of concerns including anxiety, stress, depression, pain, insomnia, health issues, as well as difficulties with intimacy and sexuality. Dr. Huberman has a client-centered, collaborative approach and aims to understand each person’s unique experiences and needs. She is trained in several evidence-based therapeutic modalities including cognitive-behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, emotion-focused therapy, and mindfulness.

Dr. Huberman has an active research program focused primarily on sexual health. She has research and clinical expertise in sexual response, sexual desire, and sexual difficulties. Outside of her work at Wavelength Psychotherapy, she is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at Dalhousie University, where she is studying factors that promote couples’ sexual and relational wellbeing.

Dr. Huberman can be reached at jackie@wavelengthpsychotherapy.ca or by calling 902-600-5203.